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Governing Documents

The National American Indian Court Judges Association (NAICJA) is a non-profit organization devoted to the support of Native American and Alaska Native justice systems through education, information sharing, and advocacy.

NAICJA was officially incorporated as a non-profit in the State of Delaware.  Articles of Incorporation were adopted in 1969.  Its membership is comprised of tribal leaders, judges, justices, peacemakers, court administrators, court clerks, Indian law practitioners and scholars, and training and technical assistance providers. NAICJA is governed by written Association Bylaws that can only be amended by its membership.  Management and direction of the Association is carried out by an elected Board of Directors. The organization has two board members for each of its ten regions.

NAICJA received federal non-profit tax status under section 501(c)(3) in 1973.  The Association follows generally accepted accounting principles and periodically issues Annual Reports.  Annual Form 990s are filed in accordance with the US IRS Tax code.

NAICJA is registered as a foreign (out-of-state) non-profit in the State of Colorado.

For more information see:

NAICJA’s Bylaws and  NAICJA’s Articles of Incorporation